Trying to learn this new trick for Cats.

ImageThe kitty platoon leader…. he is one tough cat.  Born in Georgia and trained at Ft. Benning…. became a Ranger then a Green Beret in Ft. Bragg.  amazing.   now he runs a squad at FOB Braying Ass in California…. I’m Smokey the private (First Class of course) and will be writing this blog when I am not chasing mice at the Fort.  So I am new at this….. hope I get some followers…. we’ll see.  gotta go do drill now…. Smokey

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Hey out there in the blogosphere

Before I got recruited to the Kitty Platoon

I star in a website already but my friend Savannah told me about blogging for rescue kitties…. I was a kitten in the projects being tossed around by kids that didn’t even care about me…. then a police woman came and took me away to Civic Feline Clinic in Walnut Creek…. and Dr. Thompson was recruiting for her all tabby “ kitty platoon”  which you will learn about in future blogs… or better yet go to for the full story…. and then follow me for my weekly? blob uh blog… I will dictate to my chief officer… Dr. Thompson… we are all about Peace even though we look tough…see you soon with more photos.   hoooahhhhhhh

Pvt. Smokey

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